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I started TucsonEV in 2010 when I was president of TEVA2 (Tucson Electric Vehicle Club 2).

The 2010 J1772 Revised Specifications had just come out and Tucson was supposed to have over 200 Public EVSE’s installed, Blink EVSE’s. TEVA2 had about 5 members who had conversions and we wanted them to be able to use the EVSE’s that were going to be installed. So I got about 20 Inlets (had to order 20 in order to get a better per piece price) and we installed them in several of the conversions with the circuitry to fool the EVSE’s into thinking that they were talking to J1772 compliant cars. I also started to put up information about the J1772 EVSE’s, specs etc on the TEVA2 website, it became one of the J1772 information sites that recieved the most hits for J1772 information.

I realized that others wanted to do the same thing so I started TucsonEV as a business. Since then we’ve sold 1000’s of Plugs and Inlets to individuals for personal use and also to companies that use the J1772 Plugs, Inlets, Inlets with cord, Plug and cord, etc. in their production EV’s and Hybrids and EVSE’s. We sell our products to clients all over the world – Canada, Mexico, England, Holland, Germany, France, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, South America, etc.

Some milestones –

  • In 2011 we developed the J1772 Adapter Box so that people with conversions could use the EVSE’s. We also consulted with Dostar to finalize the Proximity circuit that is presently in their J1772 Plug.
  • In 2012 we introduced the J1772 Extension cord because we saw the need for a longer cord so that people who were ‘iced’ could charge their EV’s.
  • In 2013 we started using an industrial quality crimper for all the power and ground electrical pin connections in the plugs and inlets. The crimper exerts a 11-ton force and does a four barrel crimp to Mil Spec standards.
  • We started selling our 120vac/240vac 30A TucsonEV-SE in 2013. It is a small and compact unit which set the stage for the smaller EVSE’s that were to come.  We started converting the Tesla UMC to a J1772 EVSE in 2015.
  • We’ve sold the Chademo HV Inlet and Plug to many people that are experimenting with HV charging.
  • In 2014 we were asked to make a special J1772 Extension cord that was used at the White House by PG&E on their Hybrid Service Truck they were showing to President Obama.
  • In 2016 we supplied more than 40 Inlets with 6AWG wire to a company that was modifiying EVSE’s to be able to accept the european J1772 Plug to Plug charging system.

We maintain the highest quality control and guarantee all our products for one year from date of sale.

You can also arrange for you to pick up your order, just let us know when you’re stopping by.

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